Captain America: TWS Live Cheats for Credits, Cash for Android and iOS

About Captain America has already been said a lot, shot and written, after all, the character’s story dates back to the 1940s. In his virtual life there were white and black stripes, ups and downs, now we can say that the cheerful captain is again on the crest of the wave, not least thanks to modern cinema. Naturally, based on the sensational film immediately made a game on many platforms, including the Android – hack Captain America: TWS. This is an action packed with RPG elements, in which our brave hero, along with assistants from the organization Sh.I.T. All agents can undergo training, which will improve their parameters. Also upgrade and weapons are amenable. Captain America itself can be made almost invulnerable.

Cheat codes Captain America: TWS Live WP for Android and iOS:

  • 40 000 Credits – P_Dh3209wf
  • 500 000 Cash – C_Dh3290ef
  • Unlock 5 Items – B_dh239wehd


The graphics are made in the style of original comics, so everything is authentic here. The gameplay is quite simple, however, given the general direction and style of the product, and here you can state the hit to the point: people playing Captain America, they just want to relax after a hard day, nailing a couple of hundred villains.

After downloading the project, the player is available only 2 levels, but you can go for the trick, finding a hack, with a simple and understandable search on our site. After the cheat Captain America: TWS, not mod is applied, the game will open all the possibilities before the gamer.


Feel like your favorite Avenger with the OFFICIAL Captain America The Winter Soldier Live Wallpaper. Marvel Comics and Captain America fans can recreate the excitement of the hit movie with this incredible Live Wallpaper app, exclusively for Android! Get ready for high flying Shield action directly on your homescreen!

Download the free version of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Live Wallpaper, based on the Marvel Studios film, featuring a close-up of the Cap’s famous Vibranium shield!

You can unlock the premium version of the Live Wallpaper featuring a fully animated and interactive 3D model of the First Avenger, Captain America, wearing his costume based on the hit film Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

“Courage, Honor, Loyalty, Sacrifice. You’re braver than you think. “– Captain America

Pay close attention to the star on Cap’s shield as it doubles as a battery gauge for your Android device!

Watch as it pulsates with bright light when your device’s battery is full and then gradually dims as your power depletes.

When your device gets close to zero battery power your free red, white and blue shield’s star gauge will flash red and the Captain America will provide audio assistance reminding you to plug in your device!

If that isn’t enough Star-Spangled Avenger action for you, than an upgrade is in order via several unlockable premium options.

Once unlocked and onscreen, you can tap Captain America to invoke several awesome animations.

Also, to help you over-come any potential threats to the nation, Cap will deliver you email, missed call and text alerts in the form of a screen “cracking” shield throw.

If you’re feeling like a casualty of wasted time, unlock the premium Clock Widget, which features the day, time and local weather as well as the voice of the leader of the Avengers, Captain America!

Hear the man in red, white and blue recite the time for you as well as little surprises here and there for you to discover while the Captain America Clock Widget is set to your home screen.

Are you ready to take on the evil doers in the name of your country and your Android device? Then unlock the Sticker Widget pack and place ol’ winghead, Captain America, (3 different poses available), anywhere on your home screen for the best protection available.

Still not enough patriotic Captain America action for you..?

There’s an unlockable premium custom keyboard skin featuring Captain America, the pride of the nation, who’s here to aid you in all your high flying texting missions!

Even the most deranged enemy isn’t going to be able to stand up to the patriotic might that this app wields, making your Android phone or tablet the most courageous device around.

The whole world’s going to be watching, (and downloading), Captain America: The Winter Soldier… Don’t miss out on the jaw dropping excitement; download today!

Fully optimized for devices and tablets.

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