Captain Solo: Counter Strike Free Gold Coins for Android and iOS, cheat codes

The daring captain can solve all the problems if you help him and use the free hack Captain Solo: Counter Strike for Android and Ios. This game has not yet become very popular, since it is at the testing stage, but this does not prevent gamers from downloading it for mobile devices. You can also do this for free, just read the instructions on our website. This is the only condition that you must fulfill. To become a better player, it is important to have enough experience. But in any case, do not gently download Captain Solo: Counter Strike mod. This will not lead to anything good. You can see for yourself. Once you enter the codes, you will understand how easy it is, easy and fast. Having received a virtual currency for free, absolutely every gamer can make purchases inside the game store.

Cheats Captain Solo: Counter Strike for Android and Ios:

  • All players need to get Gold coins. Enter the code S-fr39gwv in order to use the virtual currency as 490 000 Gold Coins. This amount of gold is enough for very long lines.
  • In addition, you can block advertising with the code V-fgr398wgivb. At the end of each level, the game invites you to watch an ad. So you can earn a small amount of gold. But you no longer have to do this. Just enter two codes and enjoy the game.

If you want to get more experience, it is very important to train often. Your Captain Solo is very brave and is ready to take any risks and risks. If you want to become a leader, then learn how to properly manage your character. With the help of this you can become an absolute champion and use a huge amount of experience absolutely free.

How to use free cheat codes, hacked Captain Solo: Counter Strike for free on Gold:

Gold is the most important currency. With her help, you can literally, resurrect your hero, if he died in the most interesting place. For this, you only need to pay 500 gold coins. But after that. as you enter the codes, for you it will no longer be a problem. Use the virtual currency to buy all the items to make the game more interesting and exciting. You can compare this game with another action GUN-BBANG: BattleShooting, but these games have significant differences.

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