Car Eats Car 2 Cheat codes Android, free money and ruby

Do you love racing and competition? How about the opportunity to drive and destroy your opponents. All this in the long-awaited continuation of the game, and that anyone can download for free on Android or iOS device. Car Eats Car 2 is a race at high speeds, where everyone can eat each other. The real war on wheels, manage your radio-controlled cars and go away from the chase. Use weapons and boosters to destroy the opponents. Rubies or money in the game are needed to buy cars and improve them. Earn money is not easy, so many are looking for hack Car Eats Car 2. We will tell you how to get resources, without breaking the rules of the game. Secrets will unlock all the items in the game store and take advantage. To unlock exclusive cars in the game rubies necessarily needed. Try all kinds of cars in crazy races and battles. Conquer the streets and teach tricks to get extra points.

Car Eats Car 2 cheat codes:

  • 5000 ruby is free – F6Q#iNK3wwK
  • Unlock all cars – NQA#PRVCrcn

The long-awaited continuation of the game has the same cartoon graphics and crazy gameplay. Fight, destroy, blow and at the same time keep an eye on the track. Levels seem oversaturated with events and sometimes have to watch everything. Control of the game is quite simple, control the direction and the use of nitrogen and explosives. Passing level collect crystals for further updates and upgrades.

Mod Car Eats Car 2 allows you to get more money in compensation. Perform tasks in the three stars, and get many times more rubies. Dozens of levels of saturated and additional assignments will allow to conquer the world of crazy races. Moving up the levels you will encounter enemies. You can try to just get away from it at speed, or destroy it using the weapons. To accelerate the need to collect nitro.

Car Eats Car 2 hack android

Just follow the standard of living, it can be replenished and restored at the level of using money Car Eats Car 2. Earn extra points by performing tricks and jumps. To conquer these levels spend all the improvements and join the battle. If you like to burn rubber, you should enjoy the race. Share your secrets with your friends and show off your achievements. Unlock all the possibilities of the game for free using persistence, and advice.


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