Cartoon Wars 3 Cheat codes for Android, Free Crystals and CASH

If you want to get a lot of money, crystals in the game you can download the hacked Cartoon Wars 3 on Android and iOS, or hack the game yourself without risks. To get infinite resources in the game, you do not need to get root, or jailbreak right, as well as download Cartoon Wars 3, because using the codes you can effortlessly get the necessary resources in a matter of minutes.

Cartoon Wars 3 is a new version of the strategy on mobile devices where you have to return the land to your domain. But first you have to equip your castle and create an army that will take part in the battles. As in any free game, here you will encounter a limitation in the speed of development and pumping, which will require crystals, gold and experience points.

Secret cheat codes Cartoon Wars 3 on Android and IOS:

  • Receive daily set – IB6LR6IH
  • Get 3 500 crystals for free, this is a lot of money Cartoon Wars 3, which will allow you to feel complete freedom – 41BFYF80
  • Get the Event Pack – P8TCPFET
  • Add 100 000 gold in the game – IWZ2NX6C

Cheats Cartoon Wars 3 will allow you to receive all the paid resources of the store for free, which will greatly accelerate your development in the game. Of course, you need to get used to the gameplay, but for an experienced gamer it takes place in a matter of hours and you start to enjoy great graphics and well-chosen sounds. The fighting in the game is also quite peculiar, but the main thing is to follow the manna and the health of your fighters and constantly improve your strategy.


Cartoon Wars is back!
Come see why over 80 million users worldwide have played this legendary series!

Prepare yourself to be drawn into the action.

Strategically assemble your army and destroy the opposing tower.
Use your Arrow Launcher to defend your castle from incoming enemy units.

Boost your units by leveling or enhancing!
Acquire stronger characters by evolving and combining!

Choose between new battle modes.
Invite your friends for a Team Battle!
Prove your worth in Raid!

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