Castle Battle Cheat Codes for Gold and EXP for free, Android and iOS secrets and tips, not mod

Castle Battle is a game in which you need to be faster than your rivals. Use all your strategic skills in order to overcome the enemy, that is to get to his main fortress first. Each your hero is tantamount to the enemy. If he meets, then both perish. Your task is to calculate everything and gradually outstrip the enemy even for a split second. After that, you can reach the goal and at the end you can win. But be careful and watch the number of your warriors, because it is limited. If you want to make the game unlimited for you, then you do not need to search for additional Castle Castle hack. You already have everything you need. Your attention is given secret codes. You can see them below. If you have already entered the codes and know how to do it correctly, then just use them, but if not – read the article to the end.

Cheat Codes Castle Battle for Android and Ios:

• 17 00 EXP – J_r2398wfei
• 13 000 Gold Coins – O_e493eifsh

In addition, you must read the instructions. There is described a detailed process of using secret codes without downloading Castle Battle mod. The most important element of this game is strategy. Only it will help you become a leader and without problems win battles. But for this you need to have enough free time to gain experience in the game, if you do not have such an opportunity, then use the secret codes.

A safe and fast way to get gold coins and experience:

This is always an advantageous option, because you do not need to spend real money. Experience and Gold coins of Castle Battle will allow you to become a leader and speed up your heroes. This is exactly what you need, because the problem always lies in the same thing – you need to calculate many steps in front in order to win. But this function will simplify your task and make you invincible.

But remember that along with this, the abilities of your opponent are also growing. The dark forces have captured the castle and now there is complete chaos in it. You must conquer it and put everything back into place. The game has a funny story and bright graphics. All this allows you to fall in love with the gameplay from the first game. If you have already done this, then rather enter the cheats Castle Battle and learn a lot of new things.


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