Castle Creeps Duels Cheats for Diamonds and Gold Coins for Android, Unlock All

If you are looking for hack Castle Creeps Duels, then you really like strategies. Do not worry, you do not have to download mod or other strange files that do not really work. You can quickly and free of charge receive additional virtual resources in the form of gold coins and diamonds for Android and IOS devices. Of course, at the moment the game is in the testing phase, but you can enter the secret cheats Castle Creeps Duels right now. How to do it? If you are interested in this issue, then you probably never entered the codes in the mobile device. Everything is very simple. Read our instructions and get a lot of virtual currency quickly and for free, without getting a lot of gold and diamonds, most likely you will not be able to fight with strong rivals and defeat them. But do not forget that the game has a strategic genre. This suggests that, in addition to resources, the player must have the right action plan.

Cheat Codes Castle Creeps Duels for Adroid:

  • Open 2 Cheasts – RS-hr309wreio
  • Add 30 000 Gold Coins – RP-3gwr9eifuwe
  • Add 28 000 Diamonds – RG-rw9eruwfef3

You already know that this game is strategic. This means that without special skills that can be obtained only with experience, you will not pose a threat to the enemy, he will easily break your castle in a few minutes. What to do in this case? Of course, at the beginning of the game, you can compensate for the amount of experience with Diamonds and Gold Coins in the game Castle Creeps Duels. But the higher your level, the harder it will become.

Secrets and Review:

Do you like to open chests? Yes, all players like prizes and surprise effect. Once you can get a very strong and hardy knight, but next time you can get only a few coins and the most mediocre fighter. In fact, it all depends on your activity and your experience. The higher the level, the more experience you can get. Free resources are needed for players to have the same rights as donors (other users who buy currency for money).

Use free cheats without downloading mod Castle Creeps Duels. You will like this method, since it is fast, free and very simple. You must read the instruction manual for that. to know how to correctly enter codes. It’s easy and quick, make sure of it yourself.

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