Castle Defense Cheat codes for Gems, Runes, Android and iOS, not mod

Free Hack Castle Defense TD. This Hack (cheats) gives you resources (crystals and tree), and also opens the runes. When using Castle Defense mod, be careful and follow the instructions for usinf cheat codes.

CASTLE DEFENSE – the best strategy from the genre of “castle defense”. The world is on the verge of destruction, countless hordes of monsters are on the offensive. And only you can stop them. With the help of mighty towers, do not let the monsters pass. Orcs, goblins, demons, disembodied spirits and many other monsters, each of which needs its own approach. 8 different towers with unique properties.

Three different classes of warriors to choose from: barbarian, paladin and mage. A complex system for pumping warriors, towers and magic. The possibility of a network competitive game, where you can boast of your skills and achieved level. 15 exciting maps and much more. But not everything is given at once. Especially when there is always not enough resources: crystals and amethysts, and there is neither desire nor possibility to engage in donation.

Free cheat codes Castle Defense Android and iOS:

  • To get 189 000 Gems (Crystals) – U-fhw398vih
  • Double Wood and Open 10 Runes – A-fhwr38if, free codes

We offer you a cheats CASTLE DEFENSE for Android and iOS. This application will help solve an annoying resource problem. It is installed on your phone and helps to get as many resources as you want. A couple of minutes, and you will no longer lack in any of the resources. With such wealth, pumping will become a mere trifle and you will easily reach the power, which many only dream of.

A lot of Gems for Cash without downloading Castle Defense mod:

Download hacked CASTLE DEFENSE and get an unlimited number of crystals and amethysts. You will no longer need to play a lot of times on already familiar and not interesting maps, in order to save crystals to the next level and become strong enough for more complex missions. In the arena, you can choose for yourself only the best runes. Cheat is easy to install to cope with it, you do not need to have any special knowledge. In addition, the cheat built-in anti-ban system, so that you do not face blocking.

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