Castle Defense: Invasion Cheat codes for Android, free Gems and Gold

New, colorful strategy that anyone can download for free, Castle Defense: Invasion. On Android, and other devices, here you have to defend their world from an invasion of demons. They broke through the dimensional portal and disturb the tranquility. Build towers and defend yourself from the attack of terrible orcs and monsters. Players rush to use hack Castle Defense: Invasion, to experience all the benefits of this game. We are against the violation of the rules, so here’s how to get free money and a lot of precious stones without breaking and violation of the rules of the game. Bonus codes will quickly improve and unlock powerful heroes and towers. They will need to defend against the invading enemies. Start necessary with the smallest, but to defeat a powerful enemy you need to improve towers and heroes. Teach them new skills and increase the force to destroy the new species.

Castle Defense: Invasion cheat codes:

  • 1560 Gems – SBO21-S3SN4
  • 7000 Gold – VJ08J-S95UN

Secret codes, each player can use once. It does not give you unlimited resources, but will significantly advance in the game. Gems are needed to accelerate the process and of the improvements. Also it will pay to buy items in the game store. Every item in the game has levels for improvements. Earning money Castle Defense: Invasion of the passage of quests, you will be not enough for rapid development.

The game is worth the attention of all lovers tover diferens. Protection using towers, each of them has its own characteristics and skills. When a new enemy on the map, you get a brief description of its properties. You need to understand its elements, to use more efficient towers to destroy the enemy. This strategy, so to win the player will need knowledge of the enemies and the most effective ways of their destruction.

Castle Defense: Invasion hack android

After downloading mod Castle Defense: Invasion you get a colorful, vivid game. There are a lot of funny characters and simple gameplay. Build towers on the points and release their heroes. You need to stop the waves of invaders using all possible methods. Do not be afraid to take the job again using the other towers. This will gain experience and build a new strategy for future battles. Get extra bonuses for achievements and share your secrets with your friends.


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