Casual Heroes Secrets and Cheats for Crystals, Gold Coins for free, Android and iOS without mod

Interesting, bright and unpredictable strategy game Casual Heroes is already waiting for you. Find out which characters live on different islands and become the leader of the game. Absolutely different and interesting characters have different levels of strength and experience. Only you decide how it should look really. Your island is your fortress, which you must protect and develop in every possible way. You have a lot of features in the game, but often players can not use them, because for this you need to pay real money. Use hack Casual Heroes and forget that you have to spend your personal money. No, you do not violate the rules and after using our secrets you will not have problems. Hundreds of players use this hacking system and are happy with the results. In order to become the best – you must use all sorts of tricks and tricks. Buy the necessary weapons, items to protect the island and much more absolutely for free.

Bonus codes Casual Heroes for Android:

• 3 000 Crystals – X_34hie02
• 80 000 Gold Coins – D_85ejfs03

Thanks to this amount of resources you can get a lot of fun from the game. Pay attention to the tools of the battle of your rivals. Very often this can be a clue to you, how to behave in this or that battle. Become a commander of a personal clan and collect in it the best fighters that can give a worthy rebuff to any enemy.

How to get a lot of crystals and gold coins without downloading mod Casual Heroes:

As you already understood, we suggest that you use secret codes for quick testing. But you can use them for your own purposes at your discretion. More specifically, just get a lot of money and enjoy the game. All restrictions will be lifted as soon as you use free cheats Casual Heroes. This is a proven method that does not carry elements that violate the rules or are harmful to your gaming device.

Thus, you can make your island the best and compete with friends with the amount of experience and points. Defeat the marauders who want to destroy your island. Do not let this happen. All additional secrets and instructions for the introduction of codes are on our website. Share this article on social networks to gain access to hidden information.


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