Cat Quest Cheat codes for Android, free money

Cat Quest is 2D RPG game with an open world full of quests and places which you will visit. Great fantasy world and a lot of adventures in the world of cats. And they have, as we know, 9 lives, to meet with more experienced who already 7-8 lives and learn new secrets. Explore the world of cats, which you have never met and fight against the enemies. Your sister stole the dragon, you have to find and save. Most of the time you’re at the top, but you can always go down to the dungeon and meet their inhabitants. During the passage you will collect the money. Many are looking for hack Cat Quest, to get money to buy new weapons and ammunition. It strengthens the character’s abilities and allows to fight against stronger. In addition to the main story you can participate in battles in real time. Use the secrets to obtain additional resources for in-game purchases.

Cat Quest cheat codes:

  • 12,500 free money – u0#FQPwfdtA
  • Unlock all items – s2#Ag1i28Nf

Explore caves and dungeons to search for new resources and objects. They will open for you to subsequent events and improve the experience. Picks up closer to the enemy to inflict more damage. Learn and use a variety of spells. Going through the main line of quests the player will be able to raise their level, unlock all items and weapons for future use. Money Cat Quest are needed to buy items and learning spells.

Become stronger and fight with huge monsters. Use a variety of spells to increase the damage done. The player can change the appearance of the hero changing armor and upgrading weapons. The stronger your opponent, the more rewards you get. This will allow to acquire Legendary Items and get powerful spells. And in order to receive additional rewards you can take daily quests.

Cat Quest hack

Help the funny cat in his travels. Explore a new world together, fight dragons and pass the job. The cat is a hunter of dragons. To win, you need to gain experience and a lot to learn. Download Cat Quest mod, you can get for free and unique design with beautiful graphics on your device. Here, an original storyline and graphics and a lot of funny characters. Use the tips for getting resources and enjoy the game.


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