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Catapult King hack, cheats for Android

How to hack Catapult King game for crystals?

Catapult King – a game in which you need to run into the free flight of the protagonist from the catapult. The game process than it reminds everyone of the famous game, in which you need to shoot different animals. One of the most basic differences between these games is that this game is performed in 3D format.

Cheat codes Catapult King for Android and iOS for free:

  • To get + 560 000 Crustals for free – Bs-fhr3y02t9wf
  • No Ads – Vc-drh3029t

If the game process seems difficult or you just want to simplify the game a bit, you can apply the Catapult King cheat. Thanks to which you will discover new tours filled with completely different textures. In which you have to fight with new rivals and meet on your way more difficult conditions for resistance.

Catapult King hack is carried out thanks to a special application, you do not need installing it on your mobile device. Due to which the code is modified, with the purpose of opening all possible improvements. Depending on which cheat is used, certain additional opportunities are opened.
By purchasing additional software to expand the functionality and capabilities of the game, you can use the detailed instructions in which you can learn how to break the Catapult King.

Secrets and Tips Catapult King, not mod:

Using the Catapult King cheat, you are faced with a completely new gameplay, in which you no longer need to think about how many lifetimes and attempts you have left. You can relax and focus only on what to do all the proposed missions. Thanks to hacking, you save time on the game as a whole. After all, it is much more interesting to immediately try all the proposed missions than to waste energy on a long and tiring passage. The hacked version of this game is much more popular than the usual version of this game.

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