Chibi Bomber hack, Cheat for Android – Free Diamonds, Tips, Guide

In this article, you will learn how to get gold coins and precious stones for Android. You do not need Chibi Bomber hack, or root rights, to use the secret codes for free purchases in the game. The presence of money in the game gives the player complete freedom and the ability to enjoy the gameplay without restriction. Increase the level and skills of your character, restore energy and continue the battle. Chibi Bomber is a free strategy that is different from everyone else. It than resembles Wormix, move around and use a variety of weapons to destroy the opponent. Throw bombs, strike accurate blows to reduce the life of the opponent. Buy coins and diamonds for new equipment and replenish the arsenal of powerful weapons. Develop a strategy, hide from direct hits.

Codes Chibi Bomber:

  • 250,000 coins – CB#_OIEW*38
  • 70 000 diamonds – CB#_QIEY*37

Fight ordinary rivals and meet with the bosses. Destroy them and get big rewards. Use resources to enhance the hero’s skills. Equip it with the most powerful weapon, pick up a different arsenal to take advantage of the battle. Use the strategy, moving around the field and knocking down the rival’s sight. Using the codes, you do not need to download Chibi Bomber mod.

Review, the secrets of passing and receiving money in the game:

An interesting strategy with good graphics and interesting gameplay. Create your own character, buy him weapons and train skills to meet with your opponent. Battles take place 1 on 1 on different cards. Each opponent alternately strikes, using weapons from the arsenal. The victory will depend on many factors, the accuracy of the hit, the power of the weapon and the health of the hero. The winner is the one who quickly takes away all health from the opponent.

Chibi Bomber cheats allow the player to buy the most powerful weapons. Carry out improvements without restrictions, upgrade weapons and more. This can not be called hacking, using secrets, the player gains the advantages of donater. Thus, all players become equal on the battlefield. Management in the game is simple as the game itself. Just move to the right place. Learn to shoot accurately to inflict damage. Confuse the opponent, change the position on the field. The game has hundreds of levels and dozens of episodes.

Chibi Bomber cheat for android

Use advice and collect a variety of animals that will bring victory in the battles.


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