Clone Wars: Clash of Mutants free Cheat codes for ios, Secret & Tips

If you want to get a lot of impressions and take part in vivid battles, then rather download the game Clone Wars: Clash of Mutants for Ios. It’s not just another fighting game, it’s a partial 2D card game. The bottom line is that on your way to victory you need to defeat many villains. You have to do this with the help of your heroes, which you see on the screen in the form of cards. You can choose which mutant you will send to the battle. If the energy of this hero ends very quickly – do not wait and call the second one, until the enemy is destroyed. In order to increase the number of heroes and their energy, gamers use the hack Clone Wars: Clash of Mutants. But you yourself know perfectly well that this method does not always help. If you want to get rid of enemies that can be even tens of times stronger than all of your heroes – you need to know some secrets. They are specified in this article.

Bonus codes Clone Wars: Clash of Mutants for Ios and Android:

  • Gems Pack I – RD*baOSaK_84
  • Gems Pack II – TU*xjXZ17_85

Yes, this game is only available for IOS users and only online. But the developers promise that soon will be a version of the game for Android users. Get a little patience – the game is improved and you can enjoy the ideal gameplay, using secret cheats Clone Wars: Clash of Mutants.

Overview and secrets of gameplay:

The game has a fantastic plot. All actions take place in the distant future, in 2045. In the largest desert of the world is a capsule, in which scientists conduct experiments. The result of their work were mutants, some of them have so many strong genes that they are virtually invincible. But remember that no matter how strong a mutant is, you must develop it. After all, your level rises automatically, which means that you will have to fight with very strong rivals.

Do you want to create a personal team and get the immortal, the most powerful and dangerous mutants? Then follow our instructions. No, you do not need to download mod Clone Wars: Clash of Mutants. This method does not help you to increase the amount of resources in order to increase the level. Carefully read the instructions that are on our website and share this article on social networks.


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