Cocopocus: The Dino Hunters Free Cheats for Lives and Mushrooms, Secrets for Android and iOS

In the virtual world of the game Cocopocus: The Dino Hunters appeared a brave dinosaur hunter. He can create a huge army that will fight these predators. You must manage the entire game process and your most important goal is to protect the village and, most importantly, to protect the child of the leader. Dinosaurs want to steal it, but you can not allow it. This game is arcade, but there are many different locations in it. For example, you can fight in the mountains, in the forest, on glaciers and in other interesting places. Unlock all locations and have the opportunity to choose the most favorable places and positions. All players know that there is a hack Cocopocus: The Dino Hunters, but not everyone knows about the nuances of its use. In most cases, this is not at all safe, but you can use a new proven method that was not available before. It is absolutely free, and besides, it does not take much time or effort from you.

Cheats Cocopocus: The Dino Hunters for Android and Ios:

• Double life – D_4hdfsid8i
• 1,000 Mushrooms – B_8bfeiw8d
• Unlock 3 items in the game store – M_3rgef8i

You have different characters in the game, some of them should only fight against dinosaurs, and some should collect healing mushrooms. This, too, must be constantly monitored, as these mushrooms help your heroes acquire the energy necessary for battles with dinosaurs. Using our Cocopocus: The Dino Hunters cheats, you can not only get many free mushrooms, but also double the number of lives.

Review of the game, the secrets Cocopocus: The Dino Hunters, a lot of mushrooms for free:

If the dinosaur managed to slip into your cave – you lose one life. Even if you managed to win, but several dinosaurs made their way to your cave, you can not get the maximum number of stars for passing the level. These stars will allow you to unlock new and interesting items soon in the game store.

You can use new fancy warriors who will bravely defend their territory. Downloading mod Cocopocus: The Dino Hunters will not help you, since this method usually does not work and causes only problems. But thanks to our method, you can get a lot of resources and unlock new items in the game for free and quickly, without using additional features.


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