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Automated (aim), endless patrons, gold, crystals, weapons, new fashions, bosses, clans, quadrocopter – all these are cheats Combat Blocks Survival Online. Right here during a fierce battle, you can start building (if you do not get killed quicker) and at any time dig trenches or build a defensive wall. Modes in the game only 4: team – offers a shootout of 5 to 5 red against the blue. In zombie fashion – you need to escape from the bloodthirsty walking dead, climbing higher or building impenetrable fortifications. Creative mode – where you only need to build, craft, produce. And the mod every man for himself, where it is almost impossible to survive. For each round is given a chest with the legendary things and weapons, gold and crystals.

The hacked Combat Blocks Survival Online offers:

Aim (autoscience) – greatly facilitates the shooting with the enemy. You can run, but the gun itself shoots, getting into the head of the enemy. At the same time, it is possible to build various structures and not be distracted by firefights. Cheats weapons – open all types of weapons. During the battle, you can switch to any you like: rocket launcher, napalm, Molotov cocktail, a huge selection of sniper rifles, machine guns and much more. Gold Codes – for this resource you can change the face of the character, in the standard version of the game, buy weapons, pump cartridges, buy protective blocks and much more. Infinite ammunition – forget about reloading, now you can water all and all leaden rain. Ah, yes, now the cartridges are destroying the blocks, so you can not hide anywhere from you. Quadrocopter – now you are not alone, your rear is covered by a robot firing back from enemies. New modes – the mode of killing the boss, for the destruction of which give incomprehensible relics, increasing the attack and protection of the character.

Cheat codes Combat Blocks Survival Online for Android and iOS:

1. fY657n
2. 1e347N
3. 4j5472C
4. Cf90Zg
5. 7G46W9
6. uB86Ff
7. iA897J
8. Ji0931a
9. Eo89ga
10. Jt76Kl

Combat Blocks Survival Online android cheats, tips for passing:

Surely playing games at certain moments of the shootout, you wanted to take shelter behind a stone wall or escape into the opening and reload. Now your thoughts are embodied in reality – the first shooter in which you can not only shoot, but build.

Combat Blocks Survival Online hack

You can build a simply impregnable fortress, surround yourself with a wall with one entrance and wait for the enemy, create traps, where you can easily finish off the opponent. In short – the edge of imagination can not be here – we take blocks, weapons and forward on the battlefield.

Combat Blocks Survival Online without downloading mod apk:

Tips Combat Blocks Survival Online: Try to build when your opponents are busy. We build the structure on three blocks to immediately close one side from punching bullets, then gradually close 4 more sides, leaving a small passage. Through it, we will fire, greatly increasing the chances of survival and earning frags. The main thing after the murder is to regain its fortification. It is also possible to make a secret laz, which only you will know about and return after death.

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