Construction Simulator 2 Android Cheat codes, free Money, unlock items version

Construction Simulator 2 the second part of the popular game in which you will be able to manage the actual equipment and build its own district. This is interesting not only because of the fact that the game has dozens of real art. But here you can test yourself in different professions. Use cranes, trucks, loaders, escalators and more. With the passage of the game you will be able to unlock the 4 parts of the city. Increasing the level, you’ll receive all the Bole complex tasks. Become the head of a small construction company and earn money. Many are looking for hack Construction Simulator 2 on Android and ios to get free full version of the game, and resources to the account. Study the attached instructions, and use the free purchase described in this article. No time to look for resources, because you face the challenge to build the whole area. Building infrastructure rests on your shoulders. The game even more real engineering, build a road and create a cozy area for residents. And before that, you get a small investment in the game.

Construction Simulator 2 cheat codes:

  • The full version of the game – Lx-WDnPqmf
  • 10 million of money to the account – Rq-JoA26lG

It’s not such big money for this game. New equipment from the real producers Cat, Liebherr, Palfinger and other costs a lot of money. The development is very expensive, but the process is very exciting. The graphics in the game at the highest level of detail and the actual characteristics of the machines. Management takes some getting used to control and you will need to learn to control the touch joystick, for turns and lift objects.

Under your control will be located 7.5 square kilometers. You can not open them all at once, to perform complex tasks require more expensive equipment and management experience. Money Construction Simulator 2 allow to shop and get the best technique for your control. Repair streets, expanding its vehicle fleet and create its own area in America. You have to build new homes, industrial warehouses and even skyscrapers. For the job you get money and experience points.

Construction Simulator 2   hack

Download Construction Simulator 2 mod is quite simple, after the official release of the game. But to get the investment in the young company will have to find the secrets and tricks. Extend your base and fleet and receive additional resources. Money also will help to improve the equipment and improve. The game gives you a unique experience to participate in large projects, and experience in the work of the licensed technology. Learn the instructions and share this secrets with your friends.


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