Cookie Mania 3 hack for Android, free Gold Coins. Secret & Tips

Cookie Mania 3 – it’s a delicious game 3 in a row on Android and iOS. Stack combinations of donuts, cookies and other delicacies and earn experience points. Perform quests with a minimum of moves to get more stars. Prepare the dish by collecting the required number of items on the field. With each level of the task becomes more complicated, and moves are often small. Therefore, we have to think about every move and be extremely careful. But there are levels that do not pass from the first time. To do this, there are boosters in the game, you can use them to spend gold and silver coins. Hack Cookie Mania 3 is desired by many fans of this genre. After all, sometimes the game begins to be angry with a lot of restrictions. If you want to play without them, buy virtual currency, or use tricks. In this article you will find codes for coins, which each player can use for free. Following all the steps you will learn to make free purchases in the game.

Codes Cookie Mania 3 on Android and iOS:

  • 10 000 coins – IfJ#uRlqs0M
  • 500 gold coins – fgy#JGNFXSx
  • Disable ads – ly9#OGvqVvd

Collect sweets and earn points to unlock the next levels. In the passage of complex tasks the player will be helped by boosters. They will help remove the interfering element on the field, mix all the elements, as well as other possibilities. Unlimited bonus money that a player can receive using cheats Cookie Mania 3. Allows unlimited use of such helpers and receive 3 stars for each job.

How to pass levels, tips and secrets:

The game is one of the leaders in this genre. Beautiful and very nice graphics, smooth animation, a large number of interesting characters and opportunities. Hundreds of interesting tasks and levels, perform them perfectly and receive additional gifts and bonuses. Gold coins allow you to use boosters without limits and enjoy the game. Collect large combinations of 4, or 5 elements in a row and get extra points.

If you want to download mod Cookie Mania 3 and get a lot of money on the account, should please you. It’s no longer necessary to risk downloading unchecked files. Using secret codes, a player can get money on the account and buy the necessary items for the passage of tasks. But do not use them too often, it can make the game not interesting. Try to use boosters only in desperate situations. Use these tips to be the records of your friends on facebook.

Cookie Mania 3 android


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