Cooking Scene Chef Cheat codes for Gold Coins, Android and iOS secrets and tips

Become the head of a small fast food cafe, which has great prospects, if you do your best to develop this business. You will get quite a lot of virtual currency and will be able to improve the game for free. What do I need to do? Just use the hack Cooking Scene Chef without downloading mod, for free. To become the best cook, you must consider all the nuances of the game process. Without special skills, you can not get enough resources in the game. To get the title of the best chef, a lot of awards and money, you need to enter the cheat codes Cooking Scene Chef correctly in your game account. It will take you no more than five minutes. But after that, you can cook your favorite dishes and enjoy the game. The whole process of the game is very simple. You need to prepare delicious and fast food for visitors who come to your institution.

Cheats Cooking Scene Chef Android and Io for free:

  • Gold coins are the main virtual currency. Enter the code S-whfw39iegh to get 348 000 Gold coins for free. Use secrets in order to improve the game.
  • Another problem is advertising, which everyone wants to block. But players can not do this even for real money. We will open a little secret for you. If you enter the code D-fht39wegih, then unwanted advertising will disappear.

The game currency in the form of gold coins is needed precisely so that you can make purchases in the game store. For example, you can buy a new oven or more frying pans. This will allow you to significantly speed up the cooking process. All dishes look very appetizing and bright. After you receive the order, you have to start cooking very quickly.

Otherwise, you run the risk of being left without customers, and the dish you cooked so long will be spoiled. But you do not need to cook a lot of food on the front. The fact is that the customer can not order exactly what you are cooking and the dish will just burn in a frying pan or cool down and it will no longer be available.

Do I need to download Cooking Scene Chef mod to get a lot of Gold Coins for free:

The hacked Cooking Scene Chef will give you many more pleasant experiences. You can develop your restaurant and prepare new delicious dishes. This is the essence of the game. Ahead you can discover many new places, dishes, cooking techniques and much more. To you different visitors will come and you should please each of them, otherwise you will not be able to earn a lot of money. Enter codes to get a large start-up capital and use it correctly.

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