Cooking Town Cheat codes for free Gold, Mushrooms, Minutes for Android

Cooking Town – Restaurant Chef Game for Android and Ios is another simulator related to cooking. You can get a lot of pleasure from running a restaurant, but this requires funds, in principle, as in real life. You are lucky that you found this article, because thanks to this information you can use the free hack Cooking Town – Restaurant Chef Game without downloading the mod and get a lot of Mushrooms, Gold coins, additional Minutes and many other necessary resources. If you want your restaurant to flourish and develop, then there is nothing to wait for – use hacking for all types of mobile devices. The main thing is for the game to be downloaded from the official source.

Cheats Cooking Town for free:

  • Gold coins – this is the main means for shopping in the game. It is very easy to earn this currency, but if you want to receive 10 times as many coins each time, enter the code U-fhtwy03egi before passing the level.
  • You can buy mushrooms for real money, but you do not need to do this. Enter the code D-fht40weghi and get 14 000 Mushrooms for free.
  • Precious time very quickly expires, but you can also resume it and double it with M-fhwt039geh code, for free.

Using an additional virtual currency will bring you an unlimited number of opportunities. Your grandmother cooks very tasty and she got a brilliant idea. Why not open a small restaurant, where they will serve homemade beer, fried chicken and many different goodies. The granddaughter works as a waitress and everyone is happy with the progress of the cases. But to start you need a lot of game currency, because without you will not have time to serve customers, and this is one of the most important tasks in the game.

Do I need to download mod Cooking Town mod – Restaurant Chef Game?

Of course, you should not download mod files, it will not do anything good. But the hacked Cooking Town – Restaurant Chef Game thanks to our cheat codes will help you buy a lot of different equipment, pans. You can increase the area of ​​the restaurant free of charge and thus expand the client base. You should consider every element of the game so that the gameplay is successful. As you develop, you can prepare even more delicious and very mouth-watering dishes. Any client will be delighted with a delicious menu and quick service, you will receive a lot of combos and bonuses if you listen to our advice. Get even more virtual currency and improve the game.

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