Cos Hero free cheat codes for Android, free Gold, Gems

The real action game Cos Hero has already released for Android. Unfortunately, players who use IOS devices can not enjoy this game at this time. But you definitely will be interested when developers will be able to please you with a new version of this game. We can say – very soon. After downloading the game for free, gamers are very addicted to gameplay and want to significantly improve the gameplay and their hero. This can be done easily, simply and quickly. But you need to know some nuances. Hack Cos Hero does not help you if you do not know how to use it correctly. But if you have already tried all the options, then do not despair – the problem is not your skill. It is possible that the site on which you found this hacking, just deceives the users and does not provide the necessary information.

Bonus codes Cos Hero for Android and Ios:

  • 9,000 Gold Coins – Hhx#SMBS
  • 16 000 Gold Coins – HBR#p2gK
  • 4,000 Gems – AVF#Paw8
  • 8 000 Gems – NIE#OSZS

Despite the fact that a huge number of players simply do not want to spend real money in order to increase the amount of game currency, a certain part of gamers still do it. The faster you get access to the instructions that are on our website, the faster you can use Cos Hero cheats for free purchases. In fact, this process is very simple and does not violate the rules of the game.

Review the game, getting gold coins and gems:

Your hero moves on the game map and during this time it can be attacked by different enemies. At the initial stage of passing the levels you will have to fight with enemies in turn, this means that the enemies will approach you one at a time, a maximum of two. The higher your level the more complex the gameplay. But this problem is easily eliminated if you have a large number of virtual resources that you can get without downloading Cos Hero mod.

You need to destroy enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible. To do this, you need to raise the level of your hero and buy a new weapon for him. After the introduction of codes you no longer have to save, you can enjoy the game and buy everything you want.

Cos Hero cheat

Kill the enemies, in their place appear gold coins. But in order to earn another currency you need to follow the instructions.


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