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Cosmo Duel Hack and cheats for Android and iOS, not mod

Use hack Cosmo Duel to enjoy additional features in the game. This is your any casual game three in a row, in which you can get additional features absolutely free. To take a leading position in the game you should get a lot of virtual currency. This will allow you to become the best among the best. Surely, you are faced with the fact that at certain stages of the game you do not have enough virtual currency, or additional lives, or just a few moves to win. We will help you to cope with this problem absolutely free of charge because there are free cheat codes Cosmo Duel for Android and IOS. This method is completely safe and can help every player to get a free virtual currency. You are in space and now you have to choose one of your favorite heroes. It is he who will help you fight with the enemies and win.

Cheats for hack Cosmo Duel free for Android and Ios:

  • The most important thing in this game is to get more gold coins. This way you can get more features using the Ns-fht32y09f code. It is this code that will allow you to get + 72,000 Gold Coins for free.
  • Also, sooner or later, each player will need the code Dc-fht309g. This code will allow you to get + 10 additional moves (steps) at any stage of the game. To take a leading position it is important to remember about the receipt of virtual currency in the game. This is very important if you want to become a leader.

After the introduction of any of these codes, you will also be free to block advertising in the game. All the details and instructions for the introduction of codes you can find on our website. Use virtual currency to improve the game for free. This is a very simple and fast method. You can make powerful explosions by connecting identical cells on the playing field. You can also get additional features as soon as you access additional resources.

How to get a lot of Gold Coins Cosmo Duel without downloading mod for Android and Ios:

If you decide that you need additional resources, do not rush to spend money in the game. First of all you need to become a leader of battles and gain more experience and skills. Get additional features and use virtual currency in the game for free, because it’s very simple and fast. Hacked Cosmo Duel will allow you to study the constellations and pass complex tasks much faster. You will be free to become the best of the best and get a lot of gaming experience. This game is similar to Candy Crush, but the plot of these games is completely different from each other.

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