Cosmos Guardians cheats for Android, free codes for Gems & Gold

Cosmos Guardians is a futuristic strategy game for those who like Japanese-style games. In the game you will see many bright characters that have different super strengths and powerful weapons. Collect game cards and revive them. During the battle with the enemy you must show courage and ingenuity. In some cases, one force is not enough. Your main trump card is strategic thinking. It will help you defeat any opponent and get a lot of virtual currency. But there is another way to do this. Hack Cosmos Guardians can help you get a lot of potions, gold coins, a lot of crystals. But for this you will have to sacrifice the security of your account. The result of this method is very doubtful. This is why you should carefully check each source of information, each site. Download any files only if you are sure of their safety.

Bonus codes Cosmos Guardians:

  • 7,000 Gems – TOB#kOFcqM6
  • 80 000 Gold Coins – U2K#mZWD7TC
  • 1000 Potion – LV9#g5dCG5Y

Battles occur between the two teams and in order for your team to win, you must have powerful weapons and develop the abilities of your heroes. Cheats Cosmos Guardians will help you to do this absolutely for free. But before using this method, you should read the instruction, in it you will find all the necessary details and details of entering secret codes. Within a few minutes, a certain amount of virtual money will appear on your account.

Features of the game, the secrets of passage:

Collect all 600 cards and improve the game process with each level. In the upper corners of the screen you see the amount of currency you have, in order to increase it you do not have to download Cosmos Guardians mod. This is a guarantee of security. Using our codes you can change almost the entire gameplay. You will have access to all the game secrets that were previously unavailable to you.

Your main task is to save the galaxy from evil opponents who want to capture it and destroy it. Each character has different skills. Learn and memorize each of them; it can choose heroes for battles. Share this information in social networks and you can get even more interesting secrets and codes for improving your characters. Enjoy colorful graphics and play without limits.

Cosmos Guardians hack


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