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Counter Strike 2D mod

Automated (aim), weapons, fashion, administrator, new fashion, immortality, invisibility, secret passages, android version – all these are cheats Counter Strike 2D. Hacked version with the expanded ability to purchase weapons, maps and modifications. In this game you can play both in the classic counter strike mode and in the created cards, such as minecraft, where you need to get weapons. Graphics (as the name implies) 2d, you can walk and spin with the mouse, look at the character from above. In addition to conventional maps, you can create your own and play with friends, or it will appeal to many and will gain popularity. Use cheats and codes for money, weapons, immortality and enjoy the beating on any of the cards. Entering the code for autonomy – you can just walk on the map and find opponents.

Cheat codes Counter Strike 2D:

1. jM17456745jQ
2. xz6745645M
3. wC346346dIX
4. uuFa3Rdi46346
5. B63461zkba
6. P364360tcGKo
7. mst4639Em4
8. 2zQT34634IPSc

Automated (aim), weapons, fashion, administrator, new fashion, immortality, invisibility, secret passages, android version + bug fixes and bugs

In the hacked version of CS2D, in addition to conventional weapons, there is also a legendary one, which is not available on classic maps – rpg, laser, streamers and much more. So now you can use full weapons. You can also enter the administrator mode – ban cheaters and enter codes right in the battle: throw bombs, change the map during the battle, kill the enemy and much more.

The hacked  Counter Strike 2D offers:

Use all weapons in any mode Become an administrator – increases the authority in the game
Cheats mods CS2D – now you can change the appearance of the player, add lives and damage.
Autonomy, immortality, invisibility

Android cheats, without downloading mod Counter Strike 2D hacked version of the codes

Counter Strike 2D hack

Added CS2D skills:

Treatment – you create an invisible totem that gradually heals you and your entire team.
Increased damage is an active skill, while using it for a minute, you can kill anyone from one hit. Useful thing in the first round with pistols. Protective barrier – all hits in your character are blocked. It can be used on any allied player (even in spectator mode). Increasing the rank of the player – you can hire yourself an assistant who will run around and cover your rear. We buy him armor, weapons and pump his skills. You can improve up to 4 assistants (bots). Counter Strike 2D – Ambrosium, ships assistants, defense turrets, instant application skills, android version, vip status, experience

Secrets and Tips

Tips Counter Strike 2D: look for a distributor on the card – hitting it you get money. which can be spent on buying weapons. The only weapon in which the endless cartridges are a pistol. We advise you to play immediately in the hacked version, where there is a system of ranks. There are much faster experience points and it is possible to purchase mercenaries who shoot well and cover you from all sides. There are also cheats for a unique weapon that can be bought on ordinary cards. The modes of invisibility, immortality and autonomy – will allow you to have fun with your friends.

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