Crash of Cars Cheat codes for Android, free Coins and Gems

Take part in the worldwide online game. Multiplayer clashes in real time Crash of Cars. Here you need to collect as much crowns. But on the field besides you will be dozens of other players. Use cunning and weapons to take away the crown of others. You can download this game for free, but it contains game purchases. Gems and crown, gold coins. For them you can buy cars, weapons and amplify the characteristics of your car. Everyone can equip your car to the teeth and frighten opponents. The game has 4 cards, and more than 30 vehicles. Buses, tanks and other vehicles. During the pause, you can in the main menu to customize your car, improve and set new weapons. All this is available upon receipt of money in the game. Use the secrets to fund your account.

Crash of Cars cheat codes:

  • 100,000 coins – BI0TM_#7D7A2
  • 100 000 Gems – TTKR_#HZC19V

The codes allow to make free purchases in the game and unlock all cars. Get free resources without violating the rules of the game. Use the most powerful, updated cars and weapons. This will increase your chances of survival. Leave the top players, the leader and receive additional rewards and titles.

The developers promise to update the game should be new maps and vehicles. The game has a very good, very bright graphics and intriguing gameplay. Take advantage without downloading mod Crash of Cars files. After all, the use of codes do not require you to gain root or jailbrea rights. Assemble your own collection of transport in the game and enjoy the control.

Crash of Cars hack

After entering the game you are offered a choice of car and maps. Then you find yourself into the arena, where you can smash and destroy opponents. You need to cheat, to drive an opponent into a trap and take away his crown. For this you get extra points and experience that allows you to make further improvements. All players are real, it makes the game really entertaining. Choose a nickname, get a lot Crash of Cars and money in the fight. Destroy other cars and earn coins and crystals.


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