Cube Critters cheat codes for Android, free coins & Unlock all characters

Cube Critters is an isometric arcade game in which you have to find a way out of the maze. Get to the end and get the crown and coins. The latter act as money and allow you to unlock all the characters of the game. In a single mode you can enjoy passing fifty levels. Each of them has a lot of traps and secrets, which need to be circumvented and used for successful passage. But if we talk about modes, we should surprise you, here you can play with your friends. Moreover, to compete on the same level. But players are looking for hack Cube Critters not to get unconditional victories, but to unlock all the characters in the game. This is a few dozen pixel characters, which will allow you to diversify the game. But this is not the most important, rivalry will allow you to play this arcade endlessly. To do this, you can connect to the battle of friends through Facebook.

Codes Cube Critters:

  • 10 000 coins for free – XhVl#zUrQn

This code will allow you to buy, or unlock all the characters you are interested in. Robots, ninjas and even crabs can travel through labyrinths and set records. But the result will depend on you. The passage of each level is fixed with a time record. Therefore, it is interesting to replay and improve the result when there are no friends nearby. Cheats Cube Critters allow you to unlock all the characters in order to diversify the game.

Conquer the king’s crown and get unlimited money in the game. It is created in absolutely wonderful graphics and comfortable gameplay. A game that can stay on the device for years, and you can always turn it on to have some fun. In the process of passing you will meet many traps, obstacles that will delay you. Quickly make decisions and get boosters and bonuses for winning.

Fun to play in different modes, in addition in the game you can make fun of other players using emoji. Cube Critters mod can be downloaded after the official release, code can be used on Android and iOS devices. Fight, teases, set records, use of all the characters in the game. 3D world, various locations and a lot of new characters are waiting for you in the game. Use secrets and share with friends.

Cube Critters cheat codes


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