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Dead Island: Survivors is a novelty for Android & iOS devices. Here you will find yourself on the island, along with dozens of bloodthirsty zombies. Besides you on the island there are other survivors. We must unite to save human life from the dead. We have to build a secure base where you are safe. But for the building will need a lot of money and other resources. Player receives them as a reward for passing tasks and quests. We must to stop zombies before they get to the base. To do this, the game has a certain similarity TD. You can build mazes with weapons, where zombies will be destroyed with a variety of guns. The player must always observe the destruction process and participated in the fighting. At the management will be the person who has in a stock the weapon and super hits. To supplement the resources of the game, you can use the secrets.

Promo Codes Dead Island Survivors:

  • 950 Diamond – DOAY-PAG2*LJ
  • 16 500 Money – N7CG-AZY4*5T

For the construction of towers are needed resources in the form of metal, wood and hammers. They can be prepared using the premium currency in the form of crystals and money. Many are looking for hack Dead Island: Survivors, which will get a lot of money in the game. After trying a variety of options, comes the understanding that doing so is not easy. Downloading mod you do not get the desired results. At the same time run the risk of losing their own account. Using free purchases can get resources without violating the rules of the game. Also, you do not need to get Root or jailbreak rights to do so.

The game has a bright cartoon graphics with high-quality animation. Variety zombies will please the most demanding of players. There is a simple personages, who fights his hands, others spit acid. Once you gain experience, you will understand the right approach to each type. Each gun has its own set characteristics. Using cheats Dead Island: Survivors can quickly add protection and raise the level of all key buildings. Increasing the base level of the player will be able to unlock more weapons for themselves.


The character in the game also has the skills and weapons that you can improve and develop. Gems will quickly raise the level and gain access to unique weapons. Passing more difficult tasks for you will open a new weapon as a bonus. Build an impregnable base and unite with friends, it will allow you to receive additional resources. Playing together you can develop faster. Follow all the advice and steps to play more efficiently and get more money in the game.

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