Dead Paradise Cheat codes for free Gold, Android and iOS, not mod, Unlimited Cash

What is better to use? Hack Dead Paradise or downloading a mod? Players often ask this question, but there can be only one answer. If you want to get a lot of virtual currency in the game in a safe way, then use the codes that you see in this article. This game has an exciting plot. This story will make you become a real part of the game and help the main character find his favorite family. Dead Paradise cheat codes will help you do this a lot faster than you think. The game currency is one of the main elements in the game. In order to get other additional items, you must use these codes and make purchases in the game. It’s completely free, since our codes serve as proof of purchase, but in fact, you do not need to pay anything. Very often players spend real money in the game. If you really want to thank developers – then do it, but if you save money, then it’s better to use the secrets in question.

Cheats Dead Paradise for Android and Ios:

  • 54 000 Gold – V_rh308r92u3
  • Open 3 Chests – B_rh239ryfhd
  • Add 4 items for free – N_Fh39efuii23f

Imagine that behind the wheel of the car is a brave father who lost his family. His wife and daughter are alive, but they are in captivity with bandits. If you want to help your father save them, then rather enter all these codes without downloading Dead Paradise mod and get unlimited resources in the game quickly and for free. If you want to defeat all the bandits who are chasing you on cars and motorcycles, then you definitely need to unlock the best and most effective weapon in the game.

Secrets and quick passage of the game, review:

In the game store there are many virtual items that will greatly facilitate the task of passing the game. Use rocket launchers and open chests in which you can find a lot of Gold, Missile installations, first-aid kits and other necessary items. Buy guns and lots of effective weapons, improve your car and become invincible. All this can be done with the proper use of the secrets of the game Dead Paradise.

Take care that the car has a full tank of fuel and that you do not run out of ammo in the midst of a gunfight. Collect first-aid kits and improve the game as soon as possible. Use these resources for quick passage and do not forget to read the instructions on our website.

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