DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak free Money, Cheat codes for Android

Save humanity from the spreading virus, join the lava company BIOCORP. DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak is a free shooter on Android and iOS in which the player has the role of a member of the cleaning group. Land on different islands and clear their territories of zombies. Destroy them by the hundreds and gather the necessary information for the research center. The collected DNA will allow to find the antidote and stop the invasion. Do the tasks for the time, destroy as many rivals as possible and get loans as a reward. Players often look for a hack DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak to get money for free. They need the player to unlock more powerful weapons. This makes it easier to cope with the waves of living dead and receive more significant rewards. Use secrets to get a lot of money into the account. Use free purchases, acquire powerful weapons and equipment to carry out complex missions.

Codes DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak:

  • 15 000 Credits (code for a lot of money) – UT_#849*71

This bonus will allow you to buy any weapons, open chests and improve skills. With the rise of the level, new opportunities for improvement will open up. Using money, you will be able to carry out updates on time, improve the skills and increase your arsenal of weapons. Cheats DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak gives the player complete freedom in the game.

Overview, secrets and tips for passing:

Enter this action game on mobile devices. Nice graphics with a view from above, convenient control with the joystick and many challenging tasks. Zombies are everywhere, the virus accidentally left the laboratory walls and began to spread throughout the tropics.

A warm climate contributed to the rapid development of events and the emergence of various mutations of zombies. In the process of passing you need to learn and be able to destroy different enemies. In your hands to stop the spread of the virus, you joined the ranks of the shock group. You will need money to buy modern equipment and improve your skills.

Download mod DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak and get a lot of money offered by many sites. But there is a more secure way to get resources into the account. Use bonuses you can buy the most powerful weapons and raise the level of the character. Mines, grenades and adrenaline injections, stop saving and speed up the passing of the game.


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