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DEAD TRIGGER 2 – a continuation of the super popular game, a first-person shooter, with a unique gameplay and realistic graphics. It supports Android 4.0 and higher, as well as iOS 7 and newer. Hacked DEAD TRIGGER 2 will give you an infinite amount of money and you will be able to maximize your game level as quickly and efficiently as possible, to open new weapons and open new locations.

Cheat codes DEAD TRIGGER 2 for free, witnout downloading mod apk:

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  • Double Score – Wa-f3g29fd

According to the plot of the game you are in the role of the protagonist survive during a plane crash, and getting out from the glowing wreckage of the plane you find yourself in the center of the city, teeming with living dead men hungry to taste your body. You have to fight your way through the crowds of bloodthirsty zombies to the shelter. As a weapon in the DEAD TRIGGER 2, you can use both a cold weapon (wrench, fire ax or Japanese katana) and firearms (from a police pistol to a large-caliber machine gun and even anti-aircraft guns). You have a choice of thirty-seven different weapons.


How to hack DEAD TRIGGER 2 for Android and iOS? Read below!

Once you get to the shelter, you will discover the new exciting possibilities of DEAD TRIGGER 2. You will have the opportunity to join the ranks of the elite squad of survivors, and together with them to fight for the victory of mankind over walking dead people. Explore your hideout to meet a Medic, an Engineer, a Weaponsmith, a Scientist and a Smuggler. These characters will help you get new features, gadgets and weapons.

If you do not have the patience to collect enough money to buy a new more powerful weapon, or upgrade to existing cannons, download the cheat DEAD TRIGGER 2 on Android or iOS. By downloading this hack on your device you will spend the minimum amount of megabytes of memory, and in return receive the maximum amount of resources, money and gold you need. Join the duel for the survival of mankind, and prove the right of people to be called masters of this planet.

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