Death Point: 3D Spy Top-Down Shooter Cheat Codes for Cash and Weapons for iOS, Android, Secrets and Tips

Action Death Point: 3D Spy Top-Down Shooter is an exciting game from popular mobile game developers. You have the opportunity to change the game process and get a lot of virtual money. Yes, in most cases you have to spend your real money, because the purchases in the game store are not cheap. But if you do not want to do this, then rather use our secret codes, which are available to every user absolutely free of charge. You do not need to use the hack Death Point: 3D Spy Top-Down Shooter. Our secret method does not provide for violation of the rules of the game. You will get into the future, but as you already understood, it will not be colorful. On Earth, there was an apocalypse and you must survive in a hostile environment that is practically unsuitable for a normal existence. You woke up in an abandoned prison and the only survivor except you is a girl who is an operator. Yes, you have almost no strength left, but there is confidence in victory. You have to get out of prison alone, destroying all enemies on your way.

Cheat codes Death Point: 3D Spy Top-Down Shooter for Android and IOS:

• 75 000 Cash – C_r39wid
• Unlock 3 Items – S_f48rud

Your main task is to find your partner, who is in hostages somewhere in enemy territory. You will not get information about the survivors, since you are the only ones who managed to survive. The game has a great overview, thanks to the view from above, you have the ability to control the enemies that are behind the wall.

How to correctly use cheats Death Point: 3D Spy Top-Down Shooter:

In order to enter cheats you need to unlock and read the instruction that is on our site, in other, if you have already entered the codes, then you know this and you can immediately use them. But if you do not know how to do it correctly, then you should clarify all the nuances and act correctly. You do not need to download mod Death Point: 3D Spy Top-Down Shooter or get the rights to hack the game.

These methods are dangerous and will not bring you any positive results. Get experience and manage your character with great precision and strategy. You can unlock all weapons and improve the game. Distract enemies by blowing a bottle by throwing it to the other end of the corridor or quietly approaching from behind in order to remain unnoticed. This will help you get to the goal and evacuate. The most important thing is to share this article in social networks so that your hero has the opportunity to be saved.


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