Death Road to Canada hack Android, free full version, cheat codes, not mod

Death Road to Canada – game that simulates an apocalypse with a bunch of zombies. You need to move around Canada in search of survivors and destroying hundreds of zombies on the way. Your group will be replenished by strange people who do not always find a common language, but skillfully help in battles. Run away, or take battles. Collect weapons and find new characters in the team in the most unexpected places. In the game, you can even have an assistant in the form of a dog and drive a car. Use interior items to fight the dead. You do not need to hack Death Road to Canada to unlock all the features and get additional resources. You can download the game for free, and in this article I will tell you how to get money to the account without violating the rules of the game. The game has been in development for several years, so the quality of the development and the thoughtfulness of the elements is amazing. Varieties of characters and their skills can be used in battles interacting with the outside world.

Death Road to Canada cheat codes:

  • + 1 000 cartridges (to all weapons and gasoline) – RTO1-Z0F0*RB
  • +100 Food – L2TB-URK1*F7
  • + 100 first aid kits – EYW5-WLXC*M2
  • Full version of Death Road to Canada for free – AIZR-GCSW*QH

This travel simulator requires the player resources. They are rare in post-apocalyptic time, and therefore are the main obstacles in the rapid passage of the game. Gamers can get additional resources on the way and quickly unlock interesting characters. The strength of your team will depend on their number, so you can not refuse collective battles here.

The game is very funny and interesting, it is made in pixel graphics. When it will be possible to download Death Road to Canada mod to Android, it is still not known. But the owners of iOS platform can soon enjoy the unusual gameplay. The main task is to get to Canada. But the task it just seems simple, but you can meet up to 500 zombies at a time. Benefit you will have an assistant in the form of a dog with a shotgun.

Death Road to Canada cheat codes

But this does not end with amazing characters. All of them are a little strange and sometimes they can swear among themselves. You have a long way to go, so it’s hard to get free Death Road to Canada, but it’s possible. And how to replenish your account with resources you already know, it is enough to use secret codes. The game has several modes of complexity, a lot of resources, food and first aid kits you can stay longer. A variety of weapons will also please you, so download the game faster and enjoy a unique game.


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