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Defender 3 hak and cheats, but not mod – this is a very exciting strategy, which was released in 3 versions. In the game you need to defend yourself against rivals who want to destroy you. Against your opponents, you can use magic, which is very effective in combat. Opponents want to destroy your fortress, and by any means will be selected to it. Your task is to strengthen the fortress and protect it and yourself. Your enemies will be a variety of monsters. It will be quite difficult, but you should do it. Having in stock our unique cheat codes Defender 3, you will have a lot of money, gold and crystals for purchases in the game and its strengthening. Good luck in this difficult battle.

Cheats Defender 3 for Android:

  • To have 600 000 money, use the code – Jmfhet5y
  • Use the code to get 400 000 gold for purchases in the game – Jnfhs53g
  • Use the code to get 200,000 crystals for purchases in the game – kmfhjr57

Hacking Defender 3 for Android, you will have a unique opportunity to have a lot of money, gold and crystals in the game, completely free. Using our cheat codes you do not need to download fashion or buy the rights to the devices. Also, you do not need to worry about the safety of your device, since the codes are safe for any of your devices. All codes of Defender 3 can be used many times. This is very easy to do and no special training is required. Just follow the link below on the site and see the instructions for use.


Defender III – the continuation of a magnificent strategy in the genre of Tower Defense on Android.
This is the third part of the great strategy, where we again have to fight tens of enemies from all over the world, solve the most difficult tasks, pump our weapons and constantly improve the skills of owning one or another weapon in order to eventually defeat any opponent.
As in the first two parts of the game, you will stand on the last line of the huge castle, and defend its walls from a dozen horrible monsters, using as a main weapon a crossbow and protective turrets, automatic shooting at enemies. Confront you will be like small creatures, and huge bosses with a large margin of health. When building magic towers, one should take into account not only their location, but also the type, constantly improve them and do not forget to change if new types of enemies appear.
In addition to the listed weapons, you can use the power of the four elements, which will sweep away any enemy from the face of the earth and give you the hope of victory. In total, you will have to fight at more than 500 locations, constantly defeating new enemies and earning experience points that you can spend on improving the turrets and main weapons.

A series of tactical strategies in the fantasy style called Defender has been attracting the attention of fans of the genre for several years now. Each of the games of the series had its own unique approach, which, while maintaining the overall picture, gave the game a completely new image.
And here we have a third part, under the completely logical name hacked Defender III, like the previous projects, the trikeweade is made in a fantasy style, and got a lot of new opportunities.
The game received more than 500 levels, in 5 worlds, about 20 different kinds of enemies and 20 different kinds of towers, a broad branch of development consisting of 50 skills. The developers decided to leave and the usual elements in the form of magical abilities and a combination of basic elements.

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