Defense Zone 3 free money for Android, not Hack. Secret & review

Much time has passed from the appearance of the previous version of the game. A few years later fans may recall Defense Zone 3 and download it for free on their Android & iOS devices. Enemies have become much stronger, but you’ll have more weapons Withstand any cost, is the main task of the game. And to do this you will need not only the passage of the experience, but also a lot of money. Every player strives to get in the game more resources. It allows you to build new towers and improve the existing. Weapons in the game are in the form of turrets, laser, rocket launchers, nitrogen and others. Learn how to properly set the turrets, it is the main skill. It will allow to win with a minimal amount of resources. It is confidential and will be discussed in this article.

The codes from the developer to the free resources Defense Zone 3:

  • 13,500 free money – IOE9_309OIE

Codes are not hack Defense Zone 3 and provided by the developer when testing games. Their usage does not violate the rules of the game and allows you to grow faster. Besides placing turrets you will get special items that allow to attack the enemy. Mines and attacks from the air allow to destroy a large number of the enemy. Use them only when necessary. Turrets should be placed at a distance in order to capture the maximum range.

If you are looking where to download the mod Defense Zone 3, it is better to use the official Android and iOS site. Because downloading files from untrusted sources can harm your device. And even though the game has challenging levels, each player can choose the rank of difficulty. In the lower levels, I advise you to choose the level of difficulty “easy” and study the enemies. When you are confident on the field battle, increase the complexity. Pass challenging levels will bring you more money and experience.

The game is like all fans of the Tower Defense on Android and tablets. This is the third part of the game, so here you will see improved graphics, new buildings and units. The concept of the game remains the same, the number of items has increased. This makes it possible to diversify actions. The dynamics of the game is preserved and using the money you will be updated in time and use the newest weapons.

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