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Diamond Dash became a real revolution of the genre “three in a row,” bringing together under their banner the army of 110 million players around the world. That is, if someone has not played it yet, it is likely to try in the near future. So hack Diamond Dash was a matter of time – in-game competitions fomented excitement, and latecomers to the very beginning wanted to try the forbidden tricks. The competitive factor in the game is very strong – the global database of records is updated every day, and everyone wants to see themselves in the first place, and here the Diamond Dash cheat will help to solve the problem.

Cheat codes Diamond Dash for free, Androd and iOS:

  • First of all use the code Cp-cf3y09w for getting + 280 000 Gold
  • Double lifes for free – Az-f3293r

In the game, you need to collect the same diamonds three or more in a row, earning points. Everything is given 60 seconds, which requires good coordination of movements and quick reaction. Yes, this is exactly the case when for a new record there is not enough literally a second, and all secret bonuses and magic forces have already ended. Chit Diamond Dash ensures that now records can be beaten every day, because the magic forces and secrets will be available at any time. Magic bombs, extra time and magic colors can be activated at any time, opening up previously inaccessible possibilities.

How to hack Diamond Dash for gold and life?

A small program is installed on the phone in two clicks, does not interfere with the operation of the system and does not affect the integration of the game into social networks. Hacking Diamond Dash for gold and life only works with the game, giving the user unlimited benefits and additional features, without interfering with the stable operation and regular updates of the application.
So now it’s time to find out if there is a limit to perfection. And to establish the bar unattainable for others. The time of records comes for those who will find the strength to go to the end – the adventure is really interesting!

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