Digital World-Adventure free Diamonds, codes, Cheat for iOS, Android

All the coolest and many favorite characters in a good game on Android and iOS – Digital World-Adventure. Download for free and enjoy different characters, combine them into one team, train new skills and pass assignments and missions. Meet face to face with enemies and destroy the opponent, using different strokes. Receive awards and use coins and diamonds to improve and raise the level. Use the hack Digital World-Adventure to get a lot of money for free. This will get rare pets in the team. Each of them has unique skills and characteristics. Develop them and train new skills to get a more effective team. The result of the fight depends mainly on the work done in the laboratory. Use secrets to exclude repetitive tasks.

Digital World-Adventure codes:

  • 46,750 gold coins – mJcQltX_#IEO
  • 6 480 diamonds – Iqsx7gS_#OIE
  • Restore energy – kw6BOHx_#DIO

In addition to money, coins and precious stones, the game has energy. This does not allow you to play as much as you want, and quickly complete tasks. Using premium currency, you can replenish your account with coins and energy, or using the cheats Digital World-Adventure. To take advantage of these advantages, it is enough for the player to learn the method of entering codes and enjoy the game without limits.

Secrets and tips for passing, diamonds and energy

Free role-playing game with cartoon graphics. Collect your favorite characters in the team, together advance on the plot, destroying dozens of enemies. It is very important in this game to pass training and learn each character. They belong to different elements and their effectiveness depends on many factors. Being attentive you can easily defeat players of their own level.

Collect the most popular characters in the team. They can be weak, use diamonds Digital World-Adventure to create an invincible team. Participate in online battles, share secrets with friends and unite in the guild. Fights can take place in an automatic mode, in your hands use super strokes. Use the acceleration button to quickly finish the battle. The outcome of the battle will depend on the assembled team of characters and their level.


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