Dino Factory hack Android free Money and Unlock all Dinod, cheat codes

In the world there is an opportunity to grow and sell a variety of dinosaurs. This idea underlies the new free game on Android and ios. Dino Factory is a simulator of a factory with dinosaurs, where you can create new species, grow them and sell them. Become a director of a new, promising business and make a lot of money in the game. To create a dinosaur you need to get an egg, hatch it and get a new pet. Dino Factory codes will help you to get additional resources for the development of the factory. Sell them for money and use them to get new types. They will be even more expensive. Create additional businesses around dinosaurs. A riding school for dinosaurs, parks, arenas and more. Make your visitors happy. Invest in the development of new industries and the acquisition of new species. Create an entire empire around dinosaurs, build your own entertainment center. Engage friends and compete with them challenging on DINO RAS.

Dino Factory cheats:

  • P094-RIN3 – 24 800 Coins;
  • V8XF-E63S – 3,560 Bucks;

It’s time to put this idea into practice and popularize the dinosaurs. Become the owner of the factory and put the growing dyno on container production. Hire people to the factory and hatch eggs one by one. After it is produced, a small dinosaur needs care. It must be fed, washed, and trained. All this requires the expenditure of money, food and workers.

Players often try to use the Dino Factory hack to get more money for development. Using secret codes you will not need to break the rules to get a large stock of resources for free. Use the secrets provided to get a small investment in a profitable business. Invest in scientists, they will create more expensive species that will make you rich.

Nearly hundreds of species of Dinos are already available for cultivation. To access all use secrets. To get dollars and money, the player does not need to download Dino Factory mod, or enter personal data. Attract new customers to your business. Raise the level of the scientific center and discover new species. In the game, you can attract friends to work, and also exchange gifts with them. Mini games, the ability to cross and get unexpected results and much more in the new game.

Dino Factory cheat codes


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