Dolphy Dash Free Gems and Gold Coins for Android and iOS, Cheat Codes and Secrets

Dolphy Dash is a new arcade, in which the main character is a cute dolphin named Delphi. A lot of impressions and bright emotions already await you in this game, but in order to uncover them, you need to have enough virtual currency, in the form of crystals and gold coins. A small number of them you can find in the ocean, but in order to collect a lot of the above resources you need to spend real money. If you do not want to do this, then there are methods similar to hack Dolphy Dash, but in fact they are not. For example, in this article you can see the secret codes. They are just below and are the most simple and affordable way to get a large number of crystals and gold coins. The main task of Dolphin is to jump high, collect coins and other treasures in order to be able to develop. From now on, you can enjoy the gameplay without saving virtual currency.

Cheat codes for Dolphy Dash for Android and IOS:

• Double Gold Coins – T_34eudfh
• 1 130 Gems – B_32eifjdc
• Open Tips in the game -K_35eodwcf

Manage the Dolphin and jump more often. Above the water there are also a lot of coins to collect. Ideally, you must collect all the coins or a large number of them. But inexperienced players do not know how to do this. In order to get more skills, use the cheats Dolphy Dash, that is codes for free purchases.

Review and secrets of the game:

In fact, the game is very simple, like all arcade games. But you can improve it by unlocking all the friends of the happy Dolphin. It can be a ballerina, a magician, a gentleman and other interesting characters. Thanks to them, the game will become more interesting and bright. Add a variety of gameplay to the game and you’ll see how much fun there can be a regular game.

In addition to the development of motor skills and control of the cute dolphin, many players enjoy the beauty of the bright underwater world. It helps to relax and distract. In order to become a leader among friends, you do not need to download Dolphy Dash mod – just enter cheat codes. Share this article with your friends on social networks and get a lot of virtual currency for free. This is an important condition, because in this way, you can unlock the instruction on the use of secret codes.


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