Doodle Jump Cheats Codes for free Money, Boneses for Android and iOS

Hack Doodle Jump on Android and you will have a unique opportunity. Thanks to our secret cheats you will have a lot of money and bonuses (rockets, trampolines, jet backpacks) in the game for free, without downloading mods. Also our cheat codes Doodle Jump are absolutely safe for your device, you do not need to buy special rights to it. Cheats can be entered several times, and if you do not know how, then the instruction that you will see below on the site will help you.

Cheats Doodle Jump for Android:

  • Use the cheat to have 400 000 money in the game – Rt8ir6ye
  • Use the cheat to have endless bonuses (rockets, trampolines, jet backpacks) in the game – FG8u4hye

Doodle Jump mod – a very exciting arcade game, in which you will help an alien to get to their homeland. You will need to jump up a lot. You need to move around platforms that are stationary, as well as those that move. On the way, you will meet different creatures that you will need to destroy, if you can not kill them, then they will kill you. The game has a simple graphics and various interesting missions.


– table of records;

– many obstacles;

– many worlds for research;

– Many bonuses.

The game will be much more interesting with our secret cheats Doodle Jump, which will give you the opportunity to have a lot of money and various bonuses in the game.


One of the hottest mobile games of all time! Easy to pick up and play. Wildly addictive.

See for yourself why Touch Arcade called Doodle Jump “possibly the best [mobile] game ever created” and Macworld called it “a perfect micro-game, insanely addictive, and deliciously replayable.”

How high can you get?
Journey up a sheet of graph paper, perpetually jumping from one platform to the next, picking up jet packs, avoiding black holes, and blasting baddies with nose balls along the way. Laugh with delight as you blow past other players’ actual score markers scribbled in the margins. And be warned: this game is insanely addictive!

– Many fantastical worlds to play in – Ninja, Space, Jungle, Soccer, Underwater, Snow, Halloween, Frozen Ice, Easter and Pirates!
– Awesome power-ups to pick-up (JET PACKs, PROPELLER HATS, ROCKETS, trampolines…)
– Trippy obstacles to avoid (UFOs, black holes, and many, many monstrous monsters)
– Mad platforms to jump on (Broken, moving, disappearing, shifting, EXPLODING…)
– NEW! – More than 100 missions to complete for rewards
– Global leaderboards, fun achievements! Beat your friends’ scores!

How to play:
Tilt to move left or right, tap the screen to shoot.

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