DoomsFleets – Galaxy Space War Strategy Game ioS, free Crystals, free metal & Energy, Cheat, codes

Use crystals and metal to build the strongest fleet for battles. Use hack DoomsFleets for iOS and other mobile devices. Get a lot of money to develop your own military base. Increase the level, develop technology and use the most powerful weapons. Take command of a fantastic fleet and fight for new worlds in the galaxy. Go through the levels, perform tasks for gaining experience of conducting battles. Join the battles with friends and players around the world, organizing an alliance. Game DoomsFleets – Galaxy Space War Strategy Game is a science-fiction strategy in real time. Create your own army, conquering new worlds in empires. Unblock different starships and equipment for future victories. Use the instructions and get money, crystals and restore energy for free.

DoomsFleets codes for iOS:

  • 65 000 crystals – baGz6tVic
  • 65,000 metal – qQU9ZBC7B
  • Restore energy – iSEOQ7zyH
  • Disable ads – q42wOUC6L

Lead effective fleet management, upgrade and buy new equipment. Strengthen your technique and change the strategy based on the composition of your ships. Using the bonus codes, the player can get the most powerful ships and equipment. A significant advantage in power, which will allow us to colonize weaker planets. Use crystals to recruit the most experienced characters in the team and increase the skill of the existing team.

DoomsFleets – Galaxy Space War Strategy Game features:

Beautiful graphics with dozens of types of ships and hundreds of items for improvement. Download the game for free and enjoy intergalactic battles on mobile devices and tablets. Attack fleets and ships of other players to take their resources and capture their territory. Participate in the battles of PvP against other players and get the title of the best commander of the starfleet fleet. Use the DoomsFleets cheats and share your secrets with friends to take over the alliance.

Fight for control in the galaxy, conquer the planet and earn a name. Recover resources, get crystals, metal and others to raise the level of the fleet and conquer new territories. Effectively manage your team and strengthen support for the alliance to protect your achievements. To get crystals, money to the account, the player does not need to download DoomsFleets mod, or hack. Use secrets to gain an advantage and share tips with friends.


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