Dr. Driving 2 cheat codes Android & iOS, free money, gold and rubies

If you like driving simulators, where you can immerse yourself in the journey through the city, the game Dr. Driving 2 must be installed on your device. This is the continuation of the first part, which many had expected. In the new version of the game there are improved graphics and more interesting jobs with driving. Download the game you can for free on Android and iOS. To unlock all the cars and missions you will need coins and gold. The last you can bought for real money, and gives the player total freedom. Therefore, many players are looking for hack Dr. Driving 2. Today we will share with you the secrets and tips how to do without breaking the rules. Everyone will be able to unlock all cars and get enough resources on the game. This allows you to use all the features of of the game. There are no races in a circle, you have to show your driving and parking skills in urban traffic.

Dr. Driving 2 cheat codes:

  • 160 000 gold coins – PO#ujywGFzh
  • 1 600 rubies (a lot of money) – FR#ItoNACZI
  • Full Tank – Gy#g5KkWKlW

The first version of the game has received unprecedented popularity after the release in 2013. Now you have the opportunity to receive an improved version of the game with new cars and tasks. The dense traffic and rapid movement requires you to complete immersion. This is facilitated by music and motor sounds. Control of the game is carried out by means of steering to the right, and two pedals on the left of the screen. It is very convenient and predictable, allows you to make sharp and predictable maneuvers.

Money Dr. Driving 2 allows you to open all the possibilities game and experience all the cars. I do not often see game in which there are interesting single task. This is an exception, because tasks include a quick parking, or a necessity cross the city drifting. Not less interesting are the missions in which you need to follow the rules and follow the signs. For performing tasks the player gains experience and gold coins.

Dr. Driving 2 cheat codes for rubies

They are needed to make purchases of new cars. In the new version of the game, there are close three dozen of them. To unlock all you’ll need a lot of money. Download mod Dr. Driving 2 you can for free, but to get everything you need to play a lot and for a long time, or use the purchase. In the game is also present the effect of competition. You can synchronize your Facebook account and share your achievements with your friends. This is one of the best driving simulator in which you can feel like a driver. Also there is a multiplayer mode where you can compete with friends and other players.



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