Drag Battle Race hack code for Android, free Gold and money

Drag Battle Race, this is a free drag racing game on Android. Download and participate in intense battles for short and long distances. Honor the skills of management and quick shifting. But the victory will not only be the most skillful, but also the fastest. After all, the characteristics of auto solve most of the battle. In addition, in the game you can carry out updates and improvements to the car, but also teach the pilot new skills. There are a lot of donated components in the game, gold, silver and gasoline. Restrictions encourage players to search for the Drag Battle Race mod. Many sites promise unlimited resources, but most often this is a hoax. You can get money in the game without breaking the rules, using instructions and tips. Each player can recover fuel and get bonus money on the account. This will quickly increase the level and become a leader on the map. Defeat the bosses and improve your technique.

Codes Drag Battle Race for Android:

  • 100 000 silver – C8Gi_#NTptO7
  • 14 560 gold – KwhK_#cf1yq3
  • recover fuel – BPUw_#VyZLC3

Improve your cars to the maximum and get the best skills for the pilot. Money gives you complete freedom, play as many as you want and carry out tuning. Details and items are worth a lot of money, often the player needs to choose what to improve first. Using the cheat Drag Battle Race, a gamer can make free purchases in the game. Infinite resources, the best cars and the strongest rivals, are you ready for this?

Review and tips on how to get a lot of money:

The game has colorful graphics and addictive gameplay. If the games of this genre do not go beyond the race, then here you have to warm up the tires before the race and get an additional advantage at the start. All actions of the game are taken into account when calculating the experience gained. Raising the level of the player opens up new items and points on the map. Hundreds of exciting battles, each race gives a dose of adrenaline, the result is unpredictable.

Having a lot of money Drag Battle Race, you can long stay in the garage and create a unique auto. Body kit, body types, radiator grilles and even headlights can be changed. You do not need a hack to use all the advantages. Customize your car, change the turbine pressure and nitrogen injection. Experiment and get experience in the engine. The real atmosphere of street battles is free for everyone. Use secrets and share your achievements with your friends and wheelbarrows.

Drag Battle Race free money


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