Dragon Hills 2 Cheat Codes for Gold, Android, Not mod

The second part of the exciting game Dragon Hills 2, which is sure to appeal to many fans of action and arcade games, is already available for Android and Ios. You can get a lot of brains and gold coins without paying real money. Are you interested in this offer? Then what are you waiting for? Get the opportunity to kill zombies and catch those bastards who stole the precious chest. You come to the aid of a red dragon, which you must control. But his description is far from myths and stories. He can dive under the ground and climb high into the sky without much effort. Using the hack Dragon Hills 2, you will not get much much virtual currency. You just can break the rules and thereby risk the safety of your game account. This is quite an interesting game. The dragon has a limited number of lives, but if you want to make it immortal, we can offer you a simple and proven method.

Cheat Codes Dragon Hills 2:

• 90 000 Gold Coins – V_gr39riew3
• 30 000 Brains – B_eh59ehsi3
• Double Score – H_sk73ehfol3

Another advantage is that after the introduction of codes, you can get a lot of virtual currency for free, without downloading mod Dragon Hills 2. In addition, you can freeze all ads and enjoy the gameplay. Look carefully at the trajectory of your dragon’s flight. Earth zombies are too dangerous, it has acid lakes, from which the dragon can die.

Secrets and review, gameplay:

Click on the screen when you need to dive under the ground or jump over the building. The dragon can not gnaw out all the objects in its path. You will understand this by gaining sufficient gaming experience. Try on your way to collect as much gold coins and kill enemies. This will help you increase the rating of the dragon and improve it in every possible way.

How to get a lot of gold coins and brains in the game using cheats Dragon Hills 2:

The main reason for all the losses is insufficient preparation or lack of the necessary amount of game facilities. The main thing is to learn how to dive right into the ground. The dragon must enter into it with the nose, otherwise it will simply roll by the belly over the surface and you will lose speed, and with it glasses. But now you can not be afraid to make mistakes and improve the game. Share this article on social networks and get the resources you need.

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