Dragon Pals Mobile Cheat for Android, free codes for Gold & Diamonds

Download free Dragon Pals Mobile on Android and iOS and build your own city of dragons. Cultivate pets from eggs and get a variety of species. Use their skills in battles, defeat rivals and earn gold. In addition to him in the game you will need precious stones. They allow you to accelerate processes and quickly increase your level. Use diamonds to get rare and legendary breeds. In order to receive money, the player does not need looking for hack Dragon Pals Mobile, or download mod files. Using the bonus codes for free purchases, anyone can get additional resources on the account for free. Download the game from Google Play and enjoy an abundance of resources. Develop the city, build new buildings and improve them. This will raise your level and allow you to create even more species.

Dragon Pals Mobile codes:

  • 93 500 Gold – GIOR_483
  • 2,740 diamonds – DFIE_805

Use the resources you have to play more freely. Finish building and building improvements in a jiffy. Spend money without limits, this will improve the game and make it more interesting. Receive gifts and rewards for completed tasks and use them to create new species. Cheats of Dragon Pals Mobile give the player complete freedom in the game, equip your town and revive it with dozens of kinds of unique dragons.

Review, tips for passing and secrets:

Colorful game with nice graphics and animation. An infinite number of species that you can create by crossing existing ones. This allows you to create unique dragons and take part in battles. Collect all of species and brag about it with your friends. But other than that, you need to work closely on the construction of the city. Create new facilities and buildings and spend money on their ongoing improvement and leveling.

Each dragon has its own skills and characteristics. Strength, life, speed and more, boost them to increase efficiency in battle. Use different types of battles and their skills to gain victory. As a reward, you will receive gold, and sometimes diamonds. Use them for more experience. Having learned to use codes, you will not need to search and download mod Dragon Pals Mobile mod to get extra money in the game.


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