Dragon Story: Sun and Moon cheat codes for Gold, Silver, Android and iOS not mod

Dragon Story: Sun and Moon not mod is an interesting story about dragons. You have to look after the dragons since their birth. You will feed them, grow, decorate and equip their homes. You will spend them on the way from the little dragon to the big and formidable dragon. You will not only have to raise and educate them, but also cross different kinds of dragons. So you can bring out new kinds of dragons, such that no one else has. But do not think that this is very simple. Dragons live on the magical islands, on which you will build your Fermi, so that it would be convenient and comfortable for dragons to dwell there. You can also invite friends into the game and exchange animals. To give your dragons all the best you need a lot of gold and silver, and it’s not so easy to make money. But now when you have our cheat codes Dragon Story: Sun and Moon, this is not a problem.

Cheats Dragon Story: Sun and Moon for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code to have 500 000 gold, for purchases in the game – LK2e4t5y
  • Use the code to have 400 000 silver, for purchases in the game – HNbfgei

Hack Dragon Story: Sun and Moon on Android and iOS will give you a unique opportunity to have a lot of gold and silver on purchases and improvements in the game. All cheat codes are completely free. You no longer need to download fashions or other programs. Also, you do not need to buy special rights to root devices or jailbreak. Our Dragon Story codes: Sun and Moon are very easy to use and can be used many times. If you do not already know how to do this, then follow the link below on the site and see the detailed instructions.


History of Dragons is a mobile game where you have to take care of a small dragon and grow it into a huge fire-breathing lizard. The application will send you to an amazing journey into the dragon universe, which is located on the islands hovering in the sky, and you will have to beautify it and develop the infrastructure of the reserve.

Feed and take care of the pet, not forgetting about the educational work. Teach him dragon wisdom and useful skills, developing in his wards the necessary improvements. Dragons will differ in size, appearance and characteristics, and you will be able to work on the selection of new species, crossing adults. Completed missions will consistently bring you a lot of money, thanks to which you can further develop your dragon kingdom.

For the development of communications in Dragon Story, look for the necessary resources, engage in agricultural activities, erecting farms on which food will be grown for the lizards. Do not miss a single detail, build paved roads and houses, where your dragons will be accommodated, supply the islands with necessary accessories and useful infrastructure. Gradually, your wards will evolve, and the work of their selection will bring fantastic fruits, and you will bring out new exclusive species. The dragon universe will be subjugated only to hard-working and hardworking players, so roll up your sleeves and persistently develop the reserve, supplying it with all the necessary details and elements. The results will not take long to wait, and soon a large-scale world populated by happy and well-groomed dragons will grow before you.

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