Dream Defense Cheat codes for Android, iOS for free Cash

Dream Defense hack, not mod is an interesting action, in which you will play the role of a cute bear. But he is cute only at first sight, since he is very good at handling weapons. Your task is to protect your friend who sleeps and does not suspect anything. Only the child falls asleep, as monsters begin to climb out, which want to scare the boy. And you need not let them get to your friend. First you will have very few weapons, but then, having saved up money, you can buy yourself new, more powerful weapons. The more enemies you destroy, the more money you will receive. But if you want to have a lot of money right away, then use our secret Dream Defense cheats, and you will have a lot of money, as well as cartridges.

Cheats Dream Defense for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code to get 600,000 money to buy in the game – DD645tdg
  • To get 10 000 rounds in the game, use the code – DD231dgf

Hack into the Dream Defense on Android and iOS, and you will have a lot of money to buy in the game, as well as a lot of ammo for your weapons, and all this is completely free, without downloading mods. You do not need to enter your personal information or buy the rights to the devices. Just enter cheat codes and get your bonuses. Dream Defense codes are completely safe for any of your devices, and you can use them many times. The codes are free even without root or jailbrea.If you do not already have such codes, then follow the link below and see the details on the usage.


The night seems endless and full of terrors… Who will save Robin from her evil nightmares, if not her faithful and fierce teddy bear?

Are you able to protect your friend from bad dreams and monsters in this addictive action-shooter game? Can you survive until sunrise?

Play as a brave, gun-slinging toy bear and defend Robin from scary and sinister creatures that wait silently in the dead of the night, only to attack as soon as she falls asleep.

With a wide range of awesome weapons, upgrades, and power-ups at your disposal, use simple touch controls to shoot, bombard, blast, and freeze the enemy swarms. Challenge yourself to multiple levels, build toy defenses and defeat the evil bosses!

Prepare yourself for endless waves of sinister creatures and creepy monsters and do everything you can to prevent the nightmares from coming true!

Please note: Dream Defense is free to play with the option to unlock items with in-app purchases.

• A BRAVE BEAR NEVER SLEEPS – Tap the screen to shoot monsters and save your friend! Only the toy bear knows what dangers lurk in the dark. From sunset to sunrise enemies swarm Robin’s room, so stay alert and watch out for the evil bosses!

• A SMART BEAR ALWAYS HAS A STRATEGY – From fire-spewing clowns to giant ghouls, there’s no telling what creepy and spooky enemies Robin will dream of next. Find your enemy’s weakness and pick your arsenal wisely. Choose your best defense strategy and defeat all the creepy demons!

• A RESOURCEFUL BEAR IS ALWAYS PREPARED – Equip yourself with several exciting weapons! Attack the nightmare demons with bb and poison guns, pepper sprays, darts and many, many more! Bombard your enemies with explosives or freeze them with ice-cream! Fortify Robin’s bed with all sorts of awesome toy defenses. Build pencil barricades to keep nightmares away, or equip laser lamps that shoot monsters from afar.

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