DreamLand Masters Hack, cheats, Android and iOS

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DreamLand Masters hack, cheats

A pretty funny toy came out on the platforms of the android mobile and tablet devices. Before the user from the outset, there is a choice between the four characters. The further history of the hack DreamLand Masters depends on this first decision.

Let’s get acquainted in a few words with the main characters:

1) Ash is a melee aggressor, the slogan “matches to children is not a toy”
2) Aimer is a defender of ranged combat. Metko fires on the coins of his companions.
3) Frank is a tank, that says it all.
4) Cheney – shoots at the enemies of the melody of the harp.

For each battle, the user is deprived of a certain amount of energy, which is eventually restored. Completely fill it can be obtained a new level of the main character or by hacking the cheats DreamLand Masters from the list below.

Cheat codes DreamLand Masters for Android and iOS for free:

1) Hacking for gold – qdO435U0
2) Resources: iron, wood, stone – Z346HY.
3) The energy is not consumed – NP346ZN3
4) The code for using skills (abilities) without rage – lh3463Aj
5) Cheats for all the characters – x364XS
6) Restore all energy – Fi745Jk
7) Scroll – XG457Bh
8) Hacking on the master prediction – b3457V. guarantee the loss of an elite card
9) The maximum VIP status is Fi8457dO. Each level of Vip corresponds to its own special set, and the lower levels are also available to the higher levels.
10) runes – VX3463
11) the legendary class of the hero – qZl342Bh
12) to awaken the character – F2439D
13) Cheats for crystals (diamonds) – dOq3471
14) Golden Treasures of the Dream Wizard – VQ5754Og

Awakened heroes receive a significant bonus to the characteristics and an updated look. Defeated enemies leave behind themselves spheres of health, which restore the life of the detachment. They also leave the spheres of rage that are necessary for the heroes of the Dream Wizard game to use abilities. To use them continuously and without recharging, enter cheat codes.

Free hacked DreamLand Masters without downloading mod apk:

At the end of each location, you are expected to fight with the boss, so do not forget to restore life and accumulate rage to quickly destroy it. In the event of a victory, the stars, the experience of DreamLand Masters and the reward are awarded. Assistants improve the characteristics of the entire unit, so do not forget to improve them. It becomes much easier to play if the squad is composed taking into account synergy and elements. Pay attention to the elements that the opponents play the Dream Wizard game – this will help you win. Hero cards can be improved by sacrificing other characters and gold.

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