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DSF hack and cheats, Android and iOS

The new game was released in the contact under the name DSF a strategic genre where the user is to speak for the highest alien intellect. Which has its own space station, a planet that needs to be created from scratch (we will talk about this later), many flagships to defend and attack, capture other planets in the star system and the galaxy.

Cheats DSF for Android and iOS for free

  • Chests with drawings – 64-vfht390
  • Metal – 23-fh392.Nuzhen for the construction of ships.
  • Gold – 79-fht309. To learn the skills of the commander.
  • DSF Starfleet hacked version – 81-fhgt39
  • Fuel – 93-fth3094e
  • Cheats for diamonds – 27-fh398
  • Instant Construction – 19-fh398f
  • You can immediately cost all the buildings – 38-fh93ef
  • Codes for resources – 26-ftg39ef8

Cheats, codes for DSF will help you to quickly develop, instantly complete the construction of objects on your base. A hacked version will provide an unlimited amount of resources: metal, gold, crystals, fuel. Metal is necessary for building a huge fleet, gold for improving and training commander’s parameters, crystals for building buildings on a space station, and fuel is necessary for the fleet itself, without which it can not even move from the point. So cheats and codes on hacked DSF are simply necessary.

Hack and cheats DSF for Android and iOS for free:

Also at the disposal of the user there is a planet in which you first need to prepare an environment for the survival of organisms, then develop the infrastructure, populate the living creatures and so on. For every improvement in the future you can get more gold every hour, but it’s better to use the DSF cracking cheats Starfleet and just get a lot of money right away.

Also with the update of codes and our secrets of passage, it became possible to build buildings without waiting for the time of construction – just instantly. And if this set does not help, you can collect drawings for the best ships or enter the DSF Starfleet cheats for diamonds and buy everything you want.

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