Dungeon boss Cheats for Android, iOS, not mod, Cash

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Dungeon boss cheat codes

What is the game Dungeon boss hack you say? The user has many heroes of different colors. By default, two characters are given from the beginning: archer and warrior. Heroes of different colors, each color corresponds to different elements: fire, water, earth, air, darkness (magicians who strike the enemy with lightning).

Cheat codes Dungeon boss for Android and iOS:

1) The infinite energy is P-rg2398wf
2) Permanent Critical Damage – n-fh23wf
3) 100% dodge – q-fh23g89wf
4) Improve the character (upgrade) – S-1b29d
5) One Hundred Thousand Gold – 2-j23fo8
6) cheats per thousand crystals in the dungeon boss – l-f3g928
7) Evos – I-129d8w
8) View all heroes – E-g2398fi
9) tokens – 6-219qd8g
10) Black Diamond – I-vm2983wf
11) Potion of Life – w-v298wd
12) Immortality – u-1bq9d0q
13) You can not be attacked – Y-vkl20wd9
14) The Golden Chest – b-239wqdi
15) Hammers – c-f29wfdq. Needed to improve the chest.
16) Ten thousand experiences of dungeon boss – R-bg1290d
17) Increase the level of the hero – L-v2qd90
18) Open in turn: heroic summon, vip summon, honor – 7-g019w0d
19) scrolls (scrolls) – s-gf09qwf

Well, let’s start everything in order. You are presented with several characters, a map in which several locations and the limited energy necessary to pass these levels (cheats for infinite energy in the dungeon boss can be seen below in the list). Passing each mission the user opens various tokens and has the opportunity to get a new hero (champion).

dungeon boss hack

Free Hacked Dungeon boss without downloading mod apk:

The higher the rarity of the character, the less chance to knock him out. You can also get a minion by collecting a certain number of tokens. They also need to be pumped, each of them has his own abilities (abilities) that improve with each level and increase the damage strength. There is also an upgrade of the character, which adds one more skill. To do this, you need to collect Evos or enter cheats on the dungeon boss. Another user has his own storage (dungeon), in which is a chest with gold accumulated over time. And it can be attacked by people.

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