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Dungeon Rushers is adventure in which you need to wade through the intricate mazes. Underground labyrinths have a lot of secrets. In it you can find a treasure with gold and get on the path to a variety of monsters. Clear all the dungeon and collect a lot of gold and artifacts, this is the main goal of the game. During the passage you will be able to collect your own team of heroes. Each of them will have special skills. Skillfully use them to successfully complete the task. Choose your own tactics of passage of the maze, change the arrangement of characters. Gold allows you to unlock all character classes, as well as items in the game. They are quite a lot that will diversify the gameplay of each player. Collecting gold and different parts, you can make ammunition and weapons. Use in a fight all possible tricks for successful completion.

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Gold is the main currency of the game. To get it enough players go to extreme measures, and are looking for hack Dungeon Rushers on Android. They are trying to find a working method. But the only way of getting money in the game is a game store. It is possible to buy sets of coins for real cash. To manage without investing their own savings in the purchase, you can use secret codes. They allow the player to achieve a high level faster. This allows you to unlock all the features of the game.

Create your dungeon, put traps in it and protect it and check on the battle arena. To unlock this feature, the player must reach a certain level and gain experience. To do this, you will have your party of adventurers. You will be able to place them in the desired position before the battle. Each character has a skills for the development. They can be developed, raising the level of the character. In addition, characters can get equipment from the general bags to expand their ability.

Before you unlock arena battles player will go through the campaign. Here you will see a map with the provinces, it is located on the tower with the task. For complete each assigned a reward in the form of gold coins and objects. To unlock all items in the game players will often download mod Dungeon Rushers. But items you will often find in the bag in the process of passing the task. Field in the game is divided into solid squares, and you need to open them in order to find a way out of the maze. Be prepared that in the process you will find not only treasure, but also different monsters. Share your secrets with your friends and explore dungeons with pleasure.

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