Dunk Shot Double Stars, Unlimited Lives for Android and iOS, Cheat codes

Become a basketball star in a new arcade game. Use Dunk Shot hack in order not to spend real money and not risk the safety of your mobile device by downloading mod files. You can become the owner of endless lives and thus, do not stop the game process, even if you have made several mistakes. Move higher and higher. Nothing can stop you if you use Dunk Shot cheats, which will help you make free purchases in the game. The higher you move with the ball, the more resources you will get. This is really important if you want to break the established record. Carefully follow the ball. You have to make it come right into the net. For this, you must calculate and calculate the correct flight path of the ball. Of course, you can not do this without a certain experience. Some players are missing only a few days, and some need a little more time to learn how to properly manage the game. All individually.

Cheats Codes Dunk Shot for Android, Ios:

  • Double Stars – T_D309wf
  • Add +10 Lives – N_J39ebif
  • Unlock 3 Items – R_Wr3h9d

But no matter how difficult the game looked, you can subordinate the physics of the ball and get an additional right to make a mistake in the game. Even if you missed and May jumped out of the ring – do not get discouraged and just keep playing. You do not need to search for Dunk Shot mod files and download them, because you already found the kind of hacking you need.

Free Stars, Lives and Secrets:

If you have already learned to shoot accurately in a ring, this does not mean that you will become a champion, because the game can throw you many tests. Even if you do everything right, if there is a high probability that you will not be able to hit the target. What must be done to be sure of victory? Definitely, you need experience to win the game Dunk Shot, but besides that, you must correctly enter the bonus codes that you see above.

If you are not sure where to enter the codes and how to do it correctly, but rather read the instructions on our website and do not come up with how to do it yourself. Use only proven hacking Dunk Shot and reveal the secrets of the game. In order to unlock the instruction, you must access it. It’s very simple to do. Just share this article on social networks. More from you nothing is required.

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